RK Dive is the main supplier of ring systems and glove attachments to dry suits.
We offer rings in sizes 85 mm and 90 mm and the following colors: black, pink and khaki.

Our rings are designed either to be mounted on dry suit cuffs without glue or to be glued directly into the dry suit sleeve.

Along with our dry suits we offer high-class PRO-TOUCH rubber gloves compatible with our ring cuffs. They give perfect protection from outer conditions and provide an ideal grip. In order to improve thermal comfort during diving we offer our warm THINSU-PRO gloves.

In the case of glued rings there is a possibility of diving without gloves or with wet gloves, all in the absence of dry suit leaks. To achieve this, SEAL-PRO wrist adapters for cuffs should be worn.

Our novel idea is the application of silicone lubricant grease in the o-ring sealing system. It provides proper slide and facilitates locking and unlocking of the rings.
In the case of all our systems we provide spare parts as well as sealing, mounting and protective o-rings. Spare rings are offered in all sizes and colors.


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